One More Thing… Five Years Whaaaaat?


The most brutal award (wooo), from the 2016 Blood Bowl Winter Mayhem tournament. 

It’s unbeliveable how time has flown bye. For those who are new to the site, allow me to take a moment to reflect on this amazing journey. I started this site out of a desire to pursue podcasting and to share my love for tabletop gaming.

I have been blogging on the internet since 2007, and was inspired by various podcasts: Podhammer, Bad Dice Podcast, and GarageHammer to pursue podcasting.

The first podcast I ever created was (seems obvious) the War More Radio podcast. The show involved myself, John and various friends talking about whatever miniature game we obsessed over that month.

Back in those days we focussed primarily on Warmachine Mk2, because we started to transition from 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy.

Those episodes, needless to say are super rough, but still enjoyable :).

As time passed, friends moved away and life moved on, making recording exceptionally difficult. Any podcaster worth their salt will know just how challenging schedules can be, and is the bane of all podcasts.

As a way to adapt and change, I started solo podcasting and as a result created the Warmonger podcast. Which was a daily show made up of various individual segments, which would be collected as a single mp3 at the end of the week.

It was an awesome show to work on, but a very taxing one because of the time committment and routine.

Another awesome podcast, I had the pleasure to be on was the “Of Dice and Men” Podcast, aka the ODAM podcast. My co-hosts Phil (Blog site: The Shell Case), Jason and Nate, (Noobhammer, a 40K podcast) and Ashley (Blog Site: Chickhammer and now 40K Radio), had a blast recording twelve absolutely crazy podcasts.

In recent years, I have created even more podcasts: The Strike Zone (Dreadball Podcast), MiniTalk (TableTop Games Podcast), and the Gaming Snowball *now known as the Miniature Mountain Podcast (current events tabletop gaming).

I have been a guest on: the Flock and Awe podcast, Fools Daily, the Combat Phase podcast, Noobhammer, Guildball Tonight, Deadzone the Podcast, and many other small roles.

So far over my miniature gaming career I have played (Chronological Order): Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine/Hordes, Firestorm Armada, Dust Warfare, Star Wars Xwing, Blood Bowl, Dreadball, Guildball, SW: Armada, Malifaux, and many that I forget the names of lol.

There are so many games left to discuss, and I look forward to covering them in the future over the next five years. Many people usually debate about turning their hobby into a job, and oddly enough it’s this very hobby that has allowed me to feel confident and pursue a career in Digital Media and Communications.

Over the years I have received a ton of emotional support from small comments on Twitter to actually being invited for Thanksgiving dinner. I am absolutely humbled, as an individual who lives in the wilds of Canada, I am shocked that so many people are able to enjoy the shows.

In the beginning I would say to John: “If at least three people listen to the podcast, I will make more” (the joke being myself, John and one stranger). Since then, I have met so many people through this podcast and have been made a better person for having this opportunity.

The podcasts will be returning, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. With school this year the work load has restricted my ability to create shows. So I raise my glass to you, thank you and stay tooned.