One More Thing… Five Years Whaaaaat?


The most brutal award (wooo), from the 2016 Blood Bowl Winter Mayhem tournament. 

It’s unbeliveable how time has flown bye. For those who are new to the site, allow me to take a moment to reflect on this amazing journey. I started this site out of a desire to pursue podcasting and to share my love for tabletop gaming.

I have been blogging on the internet since 2007, and was inspired by various podcasts: Podhammer, Bad Dice Podcast, and GarageHammer to pursue podcasting.

The first podcast I ever created was (seems obvious) the War More Radio podcast. The show involved myself, John and various friends talking about whatever miniature game we obsessed over that month.

Back in those days we focussed primarily on Warmachine Mk2, because we started to transition from 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy.

Those episodes, needless to say are super rough, but still enjoyable :).

As time passed, friends moved away and life moved on, making recording exceptionally difficult. Any podcaster worth their salt will know just how challenging schedules can be, and is the bane of all podcasts.

As a way to adapt and change, I started solo podcasting and as a result created the Warmonger podcast. Which was a daily show made up of various individual segments, which would be collected as a single mp3 at the end of the week.

It was an awesome show to work on, but a very taxing one because of the time committment and routine.

Another awesome podcast, I had the pleasure to be on was the “Of Dice and Men” Podcast, aka the ODAM podcast. My co-hosts Phil (Blog site: The Shell Case), Jason and Nate, (Noobhammer, a 40K podcast) and Ashley (Blog Site: Chickhammer and now 40K Radio), had a blast recording twelve absolutely crazy podcasts.

In recent years, I have created even more podcasts: The Strike Zone (Dreadball Podcast), MiniTalk (TableTop Games Podcast), and the Gaming Snowball *now known as the Miniature Mountain Podcast (current events tabletop gaming).

I have been a guest on: the Flock and Awe podcast, Fools Daily, the Combat Phase podcast, Noobhammer, Guildball Tonight, Deadzone the Podcast, and many other small roles.

So far over my miniature gaming career I have played (Chronological Order): Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine/Hordes, Firestorm Armada, Dust Warfare, Star Wars Xwing, Blood Bowl, Dreadball, Guildball, SW: Armada, Malifaux, and many that I forget the names of lol.

There are so many games left to discuss, and I look forward to covering them in the future over the next five years. Many people usually debate about turning their hobby into a job, and oddly enough it’s this very hobby that has allowed me to feel confident and pursue a career in Digital Media and Communications.

Over the years I have received a ton of emotional support from small comments on Twitter to actually being invited for Thanksgiving dinner. I am absolutely humbled, as an individual who lives in the wilds of Canada, I am shocked that so many people are able to enjoy the shows.

In the beginning I would say to John: “If at least three people listen to the podcast, I will make more” (the joke being myself, John and one stranger). Since then, I have met so many people through this podcast and have been made a better person for having this opportunity.

The podcasts will be returning, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. With school this year the work load has restricted my ability to create shows. So I raise my glass to you, thank you and stay tooned.


One More Thing… Happy 4 Year Anniversary! Updates and Name Change

Hello again, folks! 

The original starting date of War More Radio began back in December of 2011. However, the decision to begin the website took place in November around this time. It’s fitting because there are several small, but significant changes that will be taking place over the following weeks.

To say that this year was eventful is a major understatement. It’s the first major year, with a weekly podcast release schedule, for not just one but three podcasts! Crazy and awesome, but mostly crazy lol. Combine that with school projects, work and family. You can imagine how active these past few months have been.

Recently, as a part of a school project I had the opportunity to watch a film called: Terms and Conditions May Apply. Needless to say the film was very enlightening about internet privacy and avoiding pointless risks online. 

I will go into greater detail on the Gaming Snowball Podcast (44), but lets just say it has opened my eyes to a degree. 

As a result, I have decided that the site name will change after four years. There are several reasons beyond “just watching a film”. Which I will go into detail about on the podcast, but heres a couple brief explanations. 

The original site name idea came from the concept of making fun of all the games that use War in their title. Warhammer, Warmachine, Warcraft, Warpath, etc. It was a fun little jab at all the podcasts that use an element of a game in their title. [Insert Noun]Hammer for example. The core aspect of “War and More Radio” was always looking at multiple systems and to provide alternative perspectives. I was tired of all the mono-game podcasts and wanted to provide “more”. 

As time has passed, the name was eventually altered to shorten its length. Mostly to make it easier for people to type in the sites name. WarMoreRadio, also had a better flow to it vocally.

However, as time has passed. I feel like the name has lost some of its meaning. Also when you tell people to go “check out” War More Radio, it did a poor job of marketing what the site was about. Miniature wargaming, is still considered an obscure hobby by the general population. So the name could be more effective as a whole.

So after polling on Twitter and Facebook, I have had a ton of meaningful discussion on alternative names for the website.


I currently love the name: Miniature Mountain. I feel that it describes in greater detail what this site is all about. Miniature games and board games that include miniatures in them. The idea of a mountain of miniatures is a very symbolic of my hobby habits and podcasts. Let me know what you think? Do you agree/disagree? Leave your thoughts and opinions on the War More Radio Facebook group or on Twitter @ATT64. 

The changes will take a while to happen, but I am trying to figure out how to create a re-direct for people who still type in warmoreradio

Here’s to another four years!


Adam, aka Mr Voxman.

One More Thing… Quick Update

The podcasts will be delayed slightly this week. For me this is the first real work week of the semester and I want to make a great start for the school year. Thanks for understanding and being supportive. 



One More Thing… Updates!!

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates this past week. I have mentioned on several Gaming Snowball Podcasts, that I would be moving to pursue future schooling goals. Click here for more details. 

So I have made the 11 hour journey to my new place and I am very excited to begin the new school year. I currently share a basement suit with two other room-mates and have tenets that live in the house above. There have been some challenges for sure, mostly podcasting related that I am sure you have already noticed. The walls in the home are paper thin; the only saving grace is that all of the bedrooms are spaced out decently far from each other. So at the moment I am trying to find alternative means for recording, until I figure out when the best time for recording will be. 

If there is no show on: Tuesday Sept 8th, 2015. Then I will have a blog post put up instead.

Thanks for understanding and I look forward to producing more podcasts in the near future.



Adam Tremblay

One More Thing… The Revolving Door of Gaming Communities


With the nature of podcasting, I don’t often get the opportunity or free time to write lengthy blog posts. Thankfully, this is one of those rare opportunities where I can pour my complete focus into hopefully an insightful and engaging article.

Fingers Crossed!


 Starting off with a story. Recently, my grandparents traveled up north for a visit and for one reason or another we ended up watching the World Series of Poker. My feelings towards Poker as a game are rather neutral, I don’t love nor dislike the game, it doesn’t really grab my attention except for this one occasion. It was the final match and this one alpha player was just dominating the field. He bragged and performed on stage to the crowds displeasure. His opponents most likely hated him and this was all the edge the alpha player needed to get under their skin. 

He quickly and effectively eroded their will to win and took home the prize money and title. But for myself and the rest of the viewers at home, there was no glory to be had in this final. No pride or mutual signs of respect, just resentment and disgust. Not only had this man, ruined any future interest I might have had in Poker, but he reinforced a negative stereotype in competitive scenes.


Over a year ago, I made a pledge to explore and experience a vast variety of games (Click Here to Read Post). My ultimate goal, was to approach gaming from the stand point of being as inclusive as possible. I have supported my local gaming store by participating in various gaming themed nights. On the internet, I have always tried to be honest and as transparent as possible. Yes I have bias, and yes I will only talk about games that I have enjoyed or I am personally interested in. I provide my viewpoint and allow people to judge for themselves if they agree with it or not. I avoid bashing games and the people that play them. Which oddly enough, is really the heart of the issue here.

When I traveled to Adepticon earlier this year, I had an amazing experience meeting so many of the facebook/twitter folk that I talk to on a regular basis. During one of the late night dinners, a conversation about “what events are you taking part in” occurred. Each individual, as though they won a military medal, proclaimed their events and how excited they were able to participate. It’s moments like those, in which gamer’s can take pride in our hobby and enjoy other like minded individuals company. But is that always the perception.

Two days into the convention, I had a small chat with another friend who actively disliked Warmachine and Hordes. Through further discussion, I discovered that he had in fact two complete armies and fully painted miniatures. Puzzled, I questioned him further to hopefully discover why he had such hatred towards the game. He’s the perfect example of what a friendly and non socially awkward player that enjoys competitive game environment looks like. Back home at a local tournament, he took his army to a standard steamroller event. During one of his games, his opponent was none responsive and super focused on the game in a very disrespectful manner. At the end of the game his opponent said: “Why do you bother playing this game? Thanks for a complete waste of my time, they should let more competitive players into this tournament”.

Understandably disgusted at this point, my friend continued to play in the tournament, but he was reluctant to ever return in the future. In the past he has played in many aggressive competitive game environments (40K/Whfb), but this was the first time where he felt singled out and felt unwelcomed.

I replied by saying:

“Play the game you want to play, not the game he wants to play. You always have a choice and can control your own actions. The only obstacle that’s preventing you from enjoying this game is that guy… screw him and go play the game you want to play”.

Thankfully, after many days of friendly conversation during the convention about Warmachine and Hordes. He has started painting new armies and is looking forward to future events  


As a podcaster I have pretty vocal opinions and I often become an easy target. A focal point if you will, that some gamer’s love to funnel their own teenage angst towards. My crime: simply loving the game they choose to hate. Now for the most part, I like to think I am pretty fluid with my game choices. If I get frustrated or bogged down by a game system, I have the luxury to jump around and follow exciting games. For instance, I love Dreadball; I think it’s cool as ice and has a lot to offer gamers. Not everyone thinks this way and many for valid and random reasons alike. Now its time to get to the real issue at hand.


I have been researching various games for the past few months and looking for people excited about these new “games”.  So I found various people who love their game. Most of them were nice, friendly and good mannered. However, for one reason or another, each of these gamers had to proclaim why their game was the best, at the expense of other games. It’s like the only way they could promote their game, was to tear down all these other games. Now, I realize that all of it was superficial noise, because what they are actually saying is: “Please, just look at our game, I don’t want you playing this other game”. I understand, I really do. I have worked hard to build interest in various game systems and it can be very disheartening when others don’t “jump” at the newest game on the market. Yes, your game might be amazing, but here’s the problem. I love many many games, some of which “you” have stomped over and screamed against loudly. What makes you think I want anything to do with you or your game, if you are willing to drag other people through the dirt to make your point.

It’s like this, if a new member of the board game club brought in Monopoly because that’s the only board game he has ever played. Don’t be the person who walks up and says “Monopoly is a garbage game, here play this other game instead”. A much more positive and constructive solution would be: “Thank you for coming, sure I will play Monopoly with you, but have you seen the entire collection we have on the wall”? Notice a difference? Instead of removing free will and “dominating” the new member, give them agency over their own choices. Monopoly might be an objectively “bad game”, but if people enjoy it, so what! Give them the choice to explore outside their own comfort zone, at least then it’s their own choice if they decide to continue to play Monopoly afterwards.


So in conclusion, don’t let your pride as a gamer get in the way of making meaningful relationships. Change happens all the time in the gaming sphere; games we thought we loved shift and change focus. Don’t burn down relationships because of “what game they are playing”, you will never know what you will be playing in five years. Expecting people to pick up the pieces “once a future edition” comes is a terrible way to treat people. Be a positive source of change now.



Adam, Aka. Mr Voxman. 


One More Thing… A Slight Name Change



Those with a keen eye for detail, might have noticed the slight name change for the above podcast. Even though its a minor change, I thought it would be appropriate to go into further detail as to why it was ultimately made.

First off, I felt that calling the show a miniature wargame podcast was only half true. Throughout the recording process I felt myself getting constantly pulled towards games that included miniatures, but were not necessarily wargame related. This was really apparent, as I began to take a deeper look into games like: Kaosball, Guildball and the Batman miniature game. Although these games have a strong non-wargame themes to them. I felt they blurred the line between traditional skirmish wargames and board games. While I was looking at the Batman miniatures game, it became really apparent how limiting the standard definition of miniature wargame actually became. 

So instead of limiting myself to one small sub genre, it made much more sense to expand the categorization to include any game that contains miniatures. This will allow for the opportunity to also look at board games that have a strong miniature component to them as well. Ultimately, the medium of miniature gaming is a stronger mental framework. Resulting in making it easier to jump around and make comparisons across the entire miniature gaming industry. 

So while it might appear to be a small change, it is going to have a profound effect on the future direction of MiniTalk. Basically if the game has miniatures, I am going to talk about it.

Nice and simple 🙂

Warhammer Fantasy End Times Alternative Ending: Blood Bowl Origin Story.

The End Times have arrived for the Warhammer Fantasy world! For many people it has been bitter sweet.  For the first time in over a decade, WHFB has been able to mystify and horrify both critics and fan boys alike. With untold deaths and consequences piling up in the thousands, needless to say the End Times have been effective at ripping out the hearts of active Warhammer players.

  For myself, the End Times has been an enjoyable ride of action, loss and tragedy.  While it has been nice to see story progression, it has also been a very difficult pill to shallow. However, while reading through the End Times books I could not help but see an odd pattern developing. Perhaps it was all the change and destruction occurring throughout the books, but for the first time in a very long while I was able to see a potential alternative. For the first time in decades I could see the bonds that tie both Warhammer and Blood Bowl (which GW has tried to remove) together. In the past, I had found these very loose ties fairly comedic and not really connected to Warhammer in a serious manner. However, with the realization of the End Times, these two game worlds have never been closer together.

 BEWARE!! Past this point leads to End Times Spoiler Territory and my “Directors Cut” of the End Times. There will be some significant changes to the End Times story (so I can manipulate it, of course). However, I will do a full proper review of the End Times in the future, but for now lets have some fun and see what “could have happened”. Enjoy!


  Continue reading

One More Thing… Introducing the Back Alley Grubs


With Adepticon 2015 in the next five weeks, I thought it was about time to show off my Dreadball team for the event. Special thanks to Jesse Robinson for all his hard work painting up the team. I love the contrast between the various colours; ultimately I am very satisfied with the final result. If you want to know more about Jesse, he will be at the Las Vegas Open playing Warmachine pretty soon.

The Back Alley Grubs (Zzor Team), an Introduction and tactics overview.

     Back a couple months ago, I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Mantic North America Podcast. Click here to listen. During the podcast: Jonny, Pat and myself contemplated what teams we would be taking to Adepticon. We ultimately, decided on bringing teams loosly based on 90’s pop bands. Granted, the Back Alley Grubs are more symbolically related to their band; less visually related. Regardless lets have some fun. First up, we have the five Zzor jacks who make up the bulk of the team(band) they are Zip, Lock, Nips, Wiki and Zzoro. The two strikers (the SFX artists) are called soda and pop (apparently simple names are easier to remember *_*). Lastly the Guard, aka Drax the Destroyer is the bouncer for the team. His kill record is pretty solid, after killing another guard during the first action of my last game. 

    Alright onto the TACTICS!!!! Aka how I am going to lose every game, pay close attention class…. The greatest strength of the Zzor is that they can take a beating and still stay on the field. Also the fact that most of the team has 4+ stats in most categories puts them on the same level as a human team, excluding the strikers/guards of course. Now this is not to say that the Zzor are a combat team, far from it. They actually don’t want to be fighting all that much in reality. Sure they have a 3+ strength guard, but think of him more as a tactical nuke that needs to be guided and supported to open up a hole in the defensive line. For the most part, the Zzor just want to mitigate injuries and be an overall pain/speedbump. The strikers have a more limited role on the team, however once both teams start losing players this is where they really shine. Coming straight from the bench, the strikers can jump in and snatch the ball and throw it to other players on the opposing side of the table. Even if they don’t successfully throw, the ball is on the other side of the arena and away from your strike zones. The strikers are easily the most manouverable pieces on the team and are great defensive players that should try to keep the ball out of your zones. Basically keep it moving forward. 

Strategies against melee focused teams:

– Keep your Guard alive, avoid charging packs of models.

– Keep the opposing team split up, don’t allow them to gang up on key models.

– The Zzor are tough, but even they can get removed from the pitch. 

– Pick your fights wisely, don’t ever pick a fair fight. Always overwhelm individual models.


Strategies against mobile scoring teams:

– You have durability on your side, use your jacks to slow down or tie up individual models.

– Kill important pieces first: Strikers in almost every situation.

– Make sure you have the player advantage halfway through the game.

– Score lots and score often.


Key Players to watch out for:

Season 1: Corp/Veerymn/FF Strikers, Goblin Jacks.

Season 2: Void Sirens: Strikers, Jacks, then Guard. Robots: Kill any Jacks first, then strikers. Zzor: The Guard, then every thing else. ALL THE JUDWAN!!!

Season 3: Teratons: Jacks. Nameless: Sticky Guard, then Strikers. Zees: Zees. Asterians: Take them all out.

Season 4: We shall see :).


Thats all for tonight, looking forward to Adepticon 🙂

The Mantic North America Podcast


Recently, I had the opportunity to be a special guest on the Mantic North America Podcast. Catching up with Jonny and Pat was a blast and literally everything Mantic Games was discussed. Tons of spoilers for season 4 Dreadball and the future of competitive play for the game. Needless to say this is a must listen to episode if you love Dreadball, Deadzone and any of the other Mantic Games. Enjoy 🙂


Mantic Games Link 


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