Episode 23: A Game of Space Marines-Cast

Welcome to episode 23 of the War More Radio Podcast! We return for the first of two final episodes. 

*Just to clarify its not the end of the website, just this particular podcast.*

At the start of the show, Jaron, Adam and Jon Wong (Jaded Gamercast) talk about all things Turn Signals on a Land Raider! After we look back on Warhammer 40K and our experiences playing the game among other random tangents. Enjoy!


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Episode 21: There and Back Again-Cast

Welcome to episode 21 of War and More Radio! Today on the show I am joined by Jaron and our special guest Mike Sweetman! We take a moment and look back at our days travelling during the 2008-2010 Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Circuit. We talk about the events that lead up to the creation of War and More Radio! Enjoy!


Show Note?

0-55: The Main Show

55-End: Bonus Content, How to Start a Podcast on a Budget!!

Episode 20: “Your Everything Thats Wrong With The Internet”-Cast

[WARNING! This episode of War and More Radio is meant only for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]

Welcome to episode 20 of War and More Radio! Prepare yourself for a show full of rants, explosions and….Batman? We have the return of Darnell and Jaron(Episode 19); tonights special guest: Lange from Jaded Gamercast! Another local podcast about all your favorite wargames with a side of scotch. Enjoy!



We discuss the endings of Mass Effect 3, The Plot Holes in The Dark Knight Rises and Diablo 3….you have been warned!  

Episode 19: The War That Might Just Have Flames In It-cast

Welcome to Episode 19 of War and More Radio! Today on the show we venture into new territory, the amazing World War Two miniature wargame Flames of War! To help us celebrate our jump into Flames(ouch) we talk to FoW General, Shawn Morris. The Creator of “The Terrain Guy”(Youtube) and a current member of the Canadian FoW ETC(European Team Championships) Team. We discuss everything from how to get into the game, to the final results of the ETC in Poland this year. Enjoy!


The Terrain Guy, Youtube Channel Link: Here 

Episode 18: The Travel Club-Cast!

12 – Hello, boys!

{Taken from the Legendary www.tsoalr.com Thanks for the Memories!}

*This Episode of War and More Radio is Listed as Explicit; Warning Very Mild Language…really have you seen whats on tv this day’s?*

Welcome to Episode 18 of War and More Radio! Today on the show we witness the return of John “The Frosty Aussie” to the show! Also the Legendary leader of Geek Nation Tours, Teras Cassidy makes his return to the show after touring the world. We discuss everything from the American Civil War, Our Travel’s around the World and our memories of Turning Signals on a Land Raider. Enjoy!


*Note: This episode is not for the faint of heart! It is probably one of the most random and funniest episodes I have ever recorded! After the 30 min mark things just get crazy! Stay tooned after the closing music for a very short blooper*

Geek Nation Tours: www.geeknationtours.com

Black Library Expo: http://www.chestermereexpo.ca/

Episode 17: The Deleted-Cast!


Welcome to Episode 17 of War and More Radio! I think? Ok Maybe it’s more like episode 18, but in today’s episode: Adam and Darnell discuss the influence of Multiplayer missions in wargaming; in true WMR Fashion there are a Million Random Tangents. Enjoy!


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Episode 16: The Return-Cast!


Welcome Back! To Episode 16 of War and More Radio! Today I am joined by two newcomers to the WarMore Crew: Darnell and Matt. As we discuss the latest Squigs Tournament and our thoughts on the recent release of Warhammer 40K 6th edition.


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Episode 14: The Ichiban Painting-Cast


Welcome to War and More Radio! While working on the mega Star Wars episode I had the pleasure to record an exclusive interview with Yugo from Ichiban Painting. We talk alot about the in’s and out’s of the commission painting business and also go over some helpful tips for people wanting to make the leap into professional painting. Enjoy!


0-55 min: Ichiban Painting Interview, stay tooned after the show for some special announcements

Twitter: @ichibanpainting  Website http://ichibanpainting.com/

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