1 More Thing!… Adepticon 2015, Why it’s a Big Deal to Me

Often I get asked: “Why do you want to go to Adepticon”? “Isn’t it just a glorified Warhammer 40K tournament”? “Surely, Gencon or Comicon are a better investment of time and money”? I find questions like this interesting for a variety of reasons. There is a degree of truth to each question. Yes at one point in time Adepticon started out as another 40K tournament. Yes, if gaming is your thing then Gencon might be a better investment for you. Yes Comicon has celebrities, Tv shows and the whole apex of nerd culture.

But I am going to stop you there… All of these places are great for different reasons, but they fall short in one major category… They are Not “Our” Convention.

Allow me to explain. For years miniature wargamers have huddled under the safety of events like: Gamesday, Salute, or other similar historical gaming miniatures conventions, but they have always represented something else. Sure Salute carries miniature games and has displays, but its only one day and its located on the other side of the world… In North America, we have Gencon and don’t get me wrong, if you have a game and bring it, people will play it. But the constant impression I keep getting from Gencon is that board games are kind of the reason it’s important.

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That brings us to Adepticon. At first it was a large 40k event, but then it grew. And grew and grew. I started communicating online as a wargamer around 2007 and was a witness to most of the big startups in both the youtube and podcast wargamer scene. I literally watched Adepticon grow from an infant. At first the appeal of Adepticon was slow, people constantly referred to other conventions and barely mentioned Adepticon. But little bit by little bit, the convention grew. In 2010 they introduced the world to the 2nd edition of Warmachine and Hordes. Flames of war also won the hearts of many gamers at that convention as well. Little bit, by little bit Adepticon became more then just a simple excuse to have a tournament. The first year Forgeworld arrived, the line to the booth circled the grand hall all the way outside. It was a sight to behold!

Little bit, by little bit. Adepticon began to draw the attention of Cool Mini or Not and as a result the creation of the Crystal Brush Competition occurred. For the first time (in my mind) there was a competition that rivaled the prestige of the famous Golden Demon, and was not limited to Games-Workshop Models. Adepticon might have started out as one thing, but it has truly morphed into something more personal and it represents the entire miniature wargame hobby. Competitive/causal/painter/collector/sculpter, no other convention in North America celebrates or embodies it more than Adepticon.

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How has this affected me personally? Well I am truly blown away by this event. Originally I wanted to go to Adepticon to meet the Podhammer crew, that fateful year the show ended (little did we know). I had just started college and there was no realistic way for me to travel to Chicago. So instead I saved up my cash and then spent it (life gets in the way after all). My good friend Teras from Geek Nation Tours has wanted to me to go with him down in previous years, but as a result of other commitments I had to decline.

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So instead, I watched Blue Table Painting’s Adepticon Coverage every year and blogged about it on my old blog (The Daily D6, on RHQ which is now gone). I started University and welp there goes more money, then the truck broke down and more more more more things happened. But every single year I would listen about it on podcasts and watch youtube videos. Until….this year…when I officially had enough cash to go. I couldn’t attend the event, as a result of my practicum work. So as a result, this time next year I will be able to venture from the frozen wastes of Canada and bring my miniature wargaming dice down to Adepticon 2015.  

What are my plans then? Well I now officially announce my pledge to participate in the Dreadball Championships next year! I am not sure what team I want to use, but I have a good feeling that the Robot Team might work! Second, it’s a lot easier to get 14 miniatures across the border then 210 Skaven, so my fantasy army will be staying put. I might shove a couple Warjacks into the carry on bag, but we shall see of course.


I really want to stress how important “actually going” to Adepticon is to me. It’s like writing to a family member that is away because of work and you would only get pictures and letters from them. Fingers crossed, while I am financially able to go to Adepticon, I do not want to count my chickens yet. So I will patiently pace myself and prepare for next year. 


Thanks for Reading!

Adam, Mr Voxman @ATT64 on Twitter

1 More Thing….Updates, X-wing, Voxman Pledge 2014, Warmachine Vengeance, Adepticon, Dreadball and Podcasts

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Hello again folks! Adam, aka Mr Voxman here, and man there is an absolute ton to talk about…So lets get into it shall we?


I have seen many games of x-wing and have read the rules, but finally I had a chance to actually play the game. My fellow podcaster Jaron and I broke open the X-wing starter box and played a small game with the two tie fighters and one x-wing. I was actually really surprised with the depth of play that just three miniatures can have. I rocked out with the tie fighters and practiced with the various maneuvers they can perform. Throughout all of our games the tie fighters just danced around the X-wing, hoping to not get caught in it’s cross hairs. It was really fun and I loved the frantic pace of this miniature game. It really was a unique experience that I feel has not been replicated by many other miniature games. The sense of speed and mobiltiy is something that I feel has been lost in recent years from other games. It was a nice pleasant surprise and once the models stop flying off the shelves I might start collecting this miniature game.

Voxman Pledge 2014

Including my X-wing game experiences, things have been slow on the pledge front (Click here for original post) I have a copy of the Malifaux rulebook and I have tried to look for older GW game materials, but this has been limited as a result of my practicum duties (for another 3 weeks at least). But I intend to look into more digital experiences like: Chainsaw Warrior and Warmachine Tactics in the near future. Good times are ahead :)

Warmachine Vengeance

I have been really disappointed with the release of this new expansion book from Privateer Press. I like the idea of this style of book in theory, but in reality I find it just falls short for a variety of reasons. The problem is mostly attributed to the vast improvements to the Privateer Digital app: War Room, which has been significantly improved (theme lists are now fixed). Every faction deck you own gets updated automatically with all the new rules and as a result the $34 odd unit collection book seems kind of redundant. In reality Warmachine Vengeance had very little to offer gamers, because the majority of the units within the book were spoiled way before this book came out, and ironically most of it was from authorized Privateer Press leaks… I would almost rather see these books become stand alone novels or novellas from Skull Island Expeditions for $20-25, in my opinion.

Adepticon 2014: Unfortunately I will not be there T___T. But @LilThunderLiz from the ODAM Podcast and ChickHammer will be there! Make sure to say hello to her and take pictures. She will be playing Saga, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit and Necromunda! I am hoping to go to Adepticon next year *fingers crossed* for the first time, here’s hoping I can save up enough maple leafs and moose (Canadian Currency)

Her blog: www.chickhammer.com


Now it should come as no surprise to anyone that I love me some Dreadball, so much in fact that I have been working on a little side project with Robert Allen from the Combat Phase Podcast on the subject. How big of a project? Needless to say, it will contain lots of Dreadball talk and we are looking for topics on what people are interested in hearing about. Send your suggestions to: adamthetremblay@gmail.com 

Podcast Episodes to Checkout:

Over the past few days I have been able to finish the editing process for the long awaited episode 23 of War More Radio (A Game of Space Marines-Cast). Originally, this was supposed to be the final episode of that particular podcast, but after seeing the new trailer for the TMNT Movie, myself and the Frosty Aussie might have to do one more to celebrate the occasion :).

Also Nate from the Noobhammer Podcast has finished editing episode 23 of ODAM, make sure to check it out. This has to be the most focussed episode we have ever recorded lol, make sure to check out all the hi-jinks and slapstick.

Thats all from me for the moment, I will be going back to editing the finals of: Blood Bowl Night in Canyada and those should be up in a couple days. Cheers!

Adam, aka Mr Voxman @ATT64 on Twitter

Episode 23: A Game of Space Marines-Cast

Welcome to episode 23 of the War More Radio Podcast! We return for the first of two final episodes. 

*Just to clarify its not the end of the website, just this particular podcast.*

At the start of the show, Jaron, Adam and Jon Wong (Jaded Gamercast) talk about all things Turn Signals on a Land Raider! After we look back on Warhammer 40K and our experiences playing the game among other random tangents. Enjoy!


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ODAM 12: A Meeting Engagement

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Welcome to Of Dice and Men Podcast! ODAM is a community driven podcast that aims to bring together various bloggers and podcasters from around the world to celebrate all things wargaming! Brought to you by the folks from NoobhammerThe Shellcase and of course War More Radio! Enjoy!

[WARNING! ALL EPISODES OF DICE AND MEN are meant only for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]


Today’s topics include:

Both Ashley and Phil prepare for their trips to Adepticon and Salute respectively. We discuss the new forgeworld Horus model and how to incorporate a narrative in causal/tournament games. Also Nate makes a life changing decision…..

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The Last Two Season 6 Dreadball Teams are Announced!


Tsudochan Team: An ancient race from the edge of the galaxy; they are considered so advanced technologically that even the corporation scientists consider them wizards.



 Ada-Lorena Team: Beings made up of pure energy, that can phase in and out of reality. Now these are interesting :)


Oh yeah and Judge Dredd, that is all




Hello again folks! Things are going great (with regards to the practicum) and during my time away from podcasting. Mantic Games (Creators of Dreadball/Deadzone) have been up to quite a lot actually. I was worried about Dreadball while the Deadzone Kickstarter was going on, that Mantic Games had grown tired of their little miniature board game. Boy was I wrong, Not only did we see the launch of the Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter (Not sure why it has to be a KS, but ok?), the eventful reveiling of not just 4, but 12 Dreadball teams to be released over the course of 2014-2015.

Needless to say, I freaking the fudge out :).

There have been complaints from the community, that perhaps this is too much too soon? Or that the new teams aren’t really that different. I will have to do a deeper in depth podcast about this in the future, but regardless I think they couldn’t be farther away from the truth. In Dreadball Xtreme, teams are built around the chosen sponser type, similar to “theme forces” in the miniatures game Warmachine/Hordes. If you are a warden, obviously, convicts are cheaper players to buy versus exotic alien races. Or if you are a rogue scientist, your team of genetically powered super men are cheaper to hire then random convicts. When you take this key design aspect into account, and not to mention the customized Dreadball pitches that are featured in Dreadball Xtreme, I can see a similar, but fundamentally different feeling game then the original Dreadball. 

But enough about Beta Rules, Lets see what teams are available now in Dreadball Xtreme and now Dreadball via Seasons 4-6.



S - convicts

THE ASTERIAN KALYSHI TEAM: Huh, it might be funny to see Captain Kirk as the Team Sponsor? 


KOVOSSIAN MUTANTS PLAGUE TEAM: Not a pure plague team by the sounds of it? Because they are like every zombie infection alien race out there…Playing Dreadball?

Coloured Concept - Plague

THE MECHANITES: You can never go wrong with scrap built robots..most of the time.



THE BROKKR TEAM: Think Forge Fathers, except they could probably beat up your dad, just saying.


THE CRYSTALLANS TEAM: Apparently, they get stronger as they fight alongside team mates, think “Light Bright”


THE REB TEAM: aka the rebel alliance fundraiser team…GOOO TEAM!



THE SPHYR TEAM: aka the Street Sharks (Trademarked, via Adam, Mr Voxman 2014, War More Radio inc)



SEASON 6: Really? lol

THE KORIS TEAM: Think Eldar Warp Spiders that happen to play Dreadball.

Portal Spinner Guard

THE HOBGOBLIN TEAM: Not your usual hobgobo team, I actually like the concept behind these guys, but they could use a different name though.

Hobgoblin Team


Thats all of Season 6…For now!

I can’t wait to see how each of these teams play, it looks like my wallet just got more empty…

(Mr Voxman on Twitter @ATT64)

ODAM 11: You Might Say Ashley Get’s Mad

ODAMRoundel copy

Welcome to Of Dice and Men Podcast! ODAM is a community driven podcast that aims to bring together various bloggers and podcasters from around the world to celebrate all things wargaming! Brought to you by the folks from NoobhammerThe Shellcase and of course War More Radio! Enjoy!

[WARNING! ALL EPISODES OF DICE AND MEN are meant only for an adult audience. We ask that all listeners be at least 18 years of age or have their parents permission before listening.]


Today’s topics include: 

 “The RAGE. We talk about hobby progress, which makes Ashley mad, we talk about Tyranids, which makes Ashley angrier, we then move onto rumors, which makes Ashley enraged. Then we talk about accounting. This does not please her. Enjoy!” (Nate via Noobhammer, Always cite your sources kids)

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Podcast Information, Site Name Change and New Schedule.

Welcome Everyone! Today’s topic is both random, weird and yet some what fitting. Translation? For those of you who are new to the site and don’t know, I have been podcasting for two solid years and throughout that time the site has undergone so many changes and restructuring.

Here’s a brief timeline:

Nov 2011: The War and More Radio Podcast was Born!

Episode 1: The Fantom….Blarg….erum. Nostalgia-Cast! 

This show had all the ups and downs of being a first time podcast. This first episode highlights a lot of the motivation and desire myself and John had to be podcasters. Now of course throughout the run of this particular podcast there were production problems, we didn’t really have a format and kind of just made due throughout the first year of the website. Throw some scheduling conflicts and a dose of real life getting in the way, it has been hard to maintain this particular podcast. The latest episode which is: Episode 23: A Game of Space Marines-Cast. Has been a complete pain in the rear to edit and it has not been a smooth process. This episode was intended to be the final episode of the War and More Radio Podcast. (Not the end of this site, just that particular show). I am hoping to finish it asap, but more on that in a moment.

March 2012: The Warmonger Podcast is Born!

What I thought was going to be just a temporary fix to solve the lack of regular podcast content, turned into a massive juggernaut of self discovery! This show has not only allowed me to flex my creative mooscel, but to expand into talking about other miniature wargames in a non restricted environment. Alot of the trouble with the main podcast, was that we had such a limited amount of time to discuss a particular topic. We had to keep up the pacing of the episodes and often I felt there was a tendency to overlook crucial information. Which is hard not to do, when your having a blast with your friends at the best of times :). The Warmonger allowed for more freedom in formats and is always a rewarding experience regardless of the show content.

December 2012: ODAM PODCAST IS BORN! (Make sure to yell ODAM SON!, draw it out as well :)

Over a year ago the folks over at Noobhammer, Phil from the Shellcase, John and myself created this some what random and fantastic podcast to become a UN of Wargaming podcasters/Bloggers. Overtime the show’s format has changed and new hosts have joined (Ashley, Aka @LilThunderLiz on twitter) which is completely awesome! We aren’t entirely sure about how we are going to include additional guest’s into the show (Cast size is already huge lol modelling joke in there somewhere, lol) but we are interested in talking to more people, but more on that in a bit. 


lol Easily this was the year that the show/site grew the most. I was actually a guest on several other podcasts (stroke ego, check) and just met an absolute ton of people through twitter, facebook and at the black library expo. But it was not without it’s hiccups and with life, work and education getting in the way of podcasting, it was an absolute challenge. From April to November, I was fresh out of school and need a job that actually paid money. For years prior, I had worked in the service industry and with the high costs of living (here anyway) and paying for more university education. I took up a job working at a local gravel pit. Not as bad as I had originally thought :). I worked 6 days a week, 12 hrs a day and was covered in rain, snow, mud and oh yeah watch out for bears! lol. For some reason, I could not stop podcasting? It was almost like the boring nature of my job, pushed me forward and forced me to consume, literally several month’s worth of other podcasts. Just listening to other shows (even one’s for games I did not play) allowed me to pursue even more creative shows like: Blood Bowl Night in Canyada, where I might not have done prior. All in all, it was a huge year for the site, which brings us to:

2014: What Happens Next?

First the elephant in the room: “There Was a Name Change”? Yes! The site used to be: War and More Radio, and now it is simply: War More Radio. Originally this was an accident, because when I promoted the podcast over twitter it was just easier to write WarMoreRadio, instead of WarAndMoreRadio…ugh. Oddly enough though, people that would ask about the site in person would call it War More Radio anyway. So in reality it just makes sense to change it, simple enough eh?

Now to address the pink hippopotamus in the room. Starting Next Week: Feb  17th-to-April 25th 2014. I will be taking a step down from podcasting. For those who don’t know, I will be starting my final teaching practicum term and I will be needing all of my wits and ice cream sandwiches to succeed lol. During this time I will be stepping down from ODAM and other shows. But it’s not all doom and gloom though, There are two episodes of: Blood Bowl Night in Canyada that are finished and will go up, in addition to Episode 23 of War and More Radio. I am hoping to make a couple short Audio Blog style shows once every week or two (Again practicum will most likely get in the way), this might change to once a month or once every two weeks. I really don’t know personally, but the practicum comes first. After that is over, I will be returning to that wonderful job I had previously mentioned (hey money is good), so content will be slow going at first. Then we should be cooking bacon on the BBQ in no time :).

I want to personally thank everyone who has supported this website, through their comments, tweets and thoughts! It really does means alot to have such a great community of people to talk to and discuss all things miniature wargaming! Heck its why I named the Warmonger Podcast after you guys! The Warmongers have been super supportive and I am extremely thankful for being one of them. 

PS: Although I won’t be making any podcasts during this time, feel free to contact me on Twitter or on the War More Radio Facebook Page! I am also not against being a guest on other podcasts as well, however my schedule is restrictive, but talk to me and we shall see!

Thank You again for all your support!


Adam, aka Mr Voxman, Tremblay, Canuck. Or lake monster slayer, maybe?


The Warmonger: January 30th, 2014 (27)


The Warmonger, is a collection multiple wargaming podcasts consisting of: A Day in the Iron Kingdoms, Faction Distraction, Fresh Five, Mini-News, Tabletalk; Theme Scheme audio shows.

Each week, every show will be collected into a single podcast that can be downloaded for free via iTunes: Link


Show Notes:

Intro- 8:45 mins, MiniNEWS:

Deadzone Bundles

8:45- 18:50 mins, Theme Scheme:

Dwarf Slayers

18:50- 34:52 mins, Tabletalk:

Autonomy in Miniature Games + The Voxman Pledge 2014

34:52- 46:20 mins, Faction Distraction:

Dwarves (Warhammer Fantasy Battle)

46:20- 59:57 mins, A Day in The Iron Kingdoms:

Cygnar a Nation Divided

59:57 mins– End, Fresh Five:

5 Wargaming Controversies of January 2014


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Fresh Five: 5 Wargaming controversies of January 2014

Welcome to the Fresh Five! Today we look at some of the craziest and bizarre wargaming controversies from the month of January.



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